Bolton Announces Bold New Plans for Seniors and Residents at Tamarac Fundraiser

Tamarac Fundraiser

Tamarac Vice Mayor Marlon Bolton at his election fundraiser. {photos by RJ Deed}

By: Saraana Jamraj

As elections draw closer, campaign fundraising is becoming more frequent. Last weekend, Vice Mayor Marlon Bolton held his, which brought in supporters — and thousands of dollars in donations.

The event was also an opportunity for Bolton to announce his new plans for his constituents.

The fundraiser, held on February 15, in a community clubhouse in District 1, included live music, food, and lots of conversation.

Throughout the night, Bolton reiterated that the election was about more than just the individuals running.

“This election is not about me, it’s about the people I serve and the future of our city,” said Bolton.

One of his plans is the “Senior Protection Act,” which is an ordinance he will propose soon, at a commission meeting.

“Details are being worked out now, but, in essence, it would preempt development in Tamarac that would be constructed near 55 and older communities, and preempt those developments that would have to gain access through a 55+ community,” said Bolton.

Holness and Bolton

Broward County Mayor Dale Holness at Tamarac Vice Mayor Marlon Bolton’s fundraising event.

The proposed ordinance would also mandate that the city fully fund senior programming that educates seniors and improves their quality of life.

During the fundraiser, Bolton also announced plans for a “Tamarac First” ordinance, which would focus on providing a living wage for Tamarac employees, and give Tamarac residents first preference for city jobs.

“Our residents live here and pay taxes here — we should reinvest in them by giving them the opportunity to work here,” he said.

Bolton raised just under $3,000 and had just under 100 attendees, including Broward County Mayor, Dale Holness.

Bolton, who was appointed the ceremonial position of vice mayor, which lasts a year, kicked off his reelection campaign for his city commission seat in December, as he prepared to run against a challenger, Michelle Jones.  The two will face off in the 2020 election.

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