Broward Schools Closed Next Week – Tamarac Parks Closed Monday

Broward Schools Closed Next Week - Tamarac Parks Closed Monday 1

Tamarac is a Playful City USA - Except on Mondays

Children are home from school next week for spring break, but you would never know it in the City of Tamarac.   All of our parks including the dog park and skate park are still closed on Monday due to budget cuts.

Broward Schools Closed Next Week - Tamarac Parks Closed Monday 2
Don’t bother showing up, the padlocks will be locked

This must be hard news to swallow when residents read about the Mayor and commissioners buying a $3 million golf course for the city of Tamarac, and just two weeks ago spending nearly $1 million to buy 17 new buses and trucks to replace older ones in their fleet.

The city of Tamarac seems to find money when it comes to their their pet projects, but when it comes down to the needs of the residents, it seems like we don’t really matter.

Does our Mayor or City Commissioners even have school-aged children?    I don’t believe any of them do, so parks aren’t really a concern for them.   Our Finance Director Mark Mason doesn’t even live in Tamarac nor does City Manager Michael Cernich, so whether or not our city has open parks on Monday for our children probably doesn’t top their list of priorities either.

I asked Mark Mason at a district meeting if there were plans to open up our parks on Monday and he said no.


Fortunately,  the City of Coral Springs and the City of Lauderhill have not closed their parks on Monday. Mayor Kaplan encourages anyone to come use their parks.

“Our parks are public parks, and therefore open to the general public.  We don’t have a way to verify if it is a Lauderhill resident or not in most cases.  Many of the clubs and activities are also available to anyone, though they may have to pay a non-resident fee (such as at the pools).  So as far as I am concerned, if the park is open, Tamarac residents can come.”


Broward Schools Closed Next Week - Tamarac Parks Closed Monday 3



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