City Commissioner’s Boyfriend Accused of Stealing Opponent’s Signs

Tamarac resident Herb Daley (left) allegedly taking sign from resident in Tamarac. On right, man who is allegedly connected to Daley who is stealing signs.

Tamarac resident Herb Daley (left) allegedly before taking campaign sign from side of resident’s home in Tamarac. (Right) man who is allegedly connected to Daley who tries to steal ten signs on Wednesday night. He told Bolton, “Oh, Herb never told me you’re black!”

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Marlon Bolton, candidate for Tamarac City Commissioner District One, has been missing signs over the past month and finally has found a suspect:  the boyfriend of City Commissioner Pamela Bushnell. 

Two incidents have linked Tamarac resident Herbert Daley, 80.  First, a surveillance photo was taken of him trespassing on a homeowner’s property where a campaign sign was missing and on Wednesday night Bolton was nearly stabbed by a man who mentioned Daley’s name while stealing his signs.

Herbert Daley and City Commissioner Pamela Bushnell

Herbert Daley and City Commissioner Pamela Bushnell

When Marlon Bolton realized his signs were disappearing, he asked his supporters to check their surveillance cameras. At one home in Banyan Lakes, the couple noticed Bolton’s campaign sign was missing and called Bolton to see if he took it.  Upon confirming that he had not, Bolton then asked them if they had surveillance cameras.  The couple reviewed the footage, however, they didn’t recognize the man that took the sign and showed it to Bolton.

“When I saw the picture, I recognized the man as Pamela Bushnell’s boyfriend,” said Bolton. “The couple confirmed that they do not know Herbert Daley, and there was no reason for him to be on their property.”

Another incident allegedly connecting Daley with stolen campaign signs occurred on Wednesday evening on Bailey Road.  Bolton said that his volunteers were putting a larger sign up and left the scene at 8:30 p.m. Bolton then went back the area where the sign was to check how the visibility looked from different angles and that’s when he noticed a black man around the age of 25-30 years-old stealing his campaign signs from the side of the street and running off with them. 

The man was running eastbound between the area of Rock Island and NW 64th Ave with ten of his signs when Bolton passed him in his car so he could get in front of him and take his photo.

Bolton yelled at him to identify himself.

The man wanted to know why Bolton was taking photos of him and took a sign off the wire frame and lunged at him with stabbing motions.

“Why are you taking pictures?” the man yelled at Bolton.

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“Because you’re taking my signs!” said Bolton.

“Oh, are you Marlon Bolton?” the man asked.

“Yes, I’m Marlon Bolton.”

“Oh, Herb never told me you’re black!” the man said.

Bolton called the police because this had been going on for a long time. The man threw the signs to the ground and said he’d come back and take more the next day,  He then ran into the Bermuda Club community. 

Bolton told the 911 operator that the man was attempting to stab him, however, they sent Broward Sheriff’s Office North Lauderdale officers.  After they said there was nothing they could do, they said he had to wait for the Tamarac deputies.  After 30 minutes, they came by, took his number and said they would patrol they area to see if they saw anything. 

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