Counsel NJ Solutions Opens it Second Practice in Tamarac

Nadia Jimenez

Nadia Jimenez, MSW, LCSW

The offices of Counsel NJ Solutions has opened a local office in South Florida to help families seek assistance when there is no other remedy.

After over a decade of therapeutic counseling experience, Nadia Jimenez MSW, LCSW has worked extensively with family and couples counseling, anxiety, depression, suicide and self-injury prevention and with children ranging from the ages of 3-18. Jimenez has eight years experience with school-based counseling including special education and intervention and referral services.

Jimenez also has successful work with couples over the years. “I’ve had some successful reunifications along with some amicable separations. For one of my married couples, who were separated for a year, I used a technique called IMAGO couples therapy. This couple had been married 20 years and they had feelings of hopelessness, defeat and anger, lots of anger. In this therapy I encouraged the couple to view their conflict as a solution to the situation rather than the problem.”

Examination of the conflict is the key to finding a solution to disharmony said Jimenez. With this particular couple, they examined the root of negative emotions and behaviors to find the cause of severed communication between each other. Then they learned that they were communicating in different ways and once this was acknowledged and accepted as is, they were able to learn that disagreements aren’t signs of love loss but are normal occurrences in relationships that can be resolved through communication.

Jimenez said that while this was going on, the couple was also learning to forgive, resolve, gain control of their maladaptive patterns and more importantly get back to basics. This created a spark in them that they realized they had 20 years ago.

“This couple was very much in love but also very much in hurt,” said Jimenez, “often times it’s those couples who feel they are at the point of no return that end up having the most successful marriages if they acquire an appropriate skill set.”

Another successful patient she helped was an 8 year-old boy who had been exposed to domestic violence and was acting out in school.

“He craved attention in any way possible even if it was in the form of getting in trouble. He was fighting on the bus, throwing papers in class, kicking students, and making noises to disrupt the teacher.”

This also included throwing tantrums at home that could last up to an hour full of screaming and throwing all his personal belongings around in the room she said. His mother and father were active in the therapeutic process, and over time his behavior changed.

The first Counsel NJ LLC location was established in Fort Lee, NJ in 2010. The new location can be found in Tamarac located at 8400 N University Drive, Suite 201, Tamarac, FL 33321.

Hours of operation will be: Mon- Sat, evening and weekend appointments still available.  Telephone: (954) 840-8583

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