Governor DeSantis Issues Executive Order Urging Seniors to Stay Home

Gov Ron DeSantis

{courtesy Gov. Ron DeSantis office}

By: Saraana Jamraj

Governor Ron DeSantis issued a statewide executive order directing the State Surgeon General to issue a public health advisory to all persons over 65 years of age, urging them to stay home and take other precautionary measures.

He extended that order to people of all ages who have serious underlying medical conditions that place them at a high risk of severe illness from COVID-19.  These conditions include chronic lung disease, asthma, heart conditions, immunocompromised status, those undergoing cancer treatment, and severe obesity.

Governor DeSantis also urged for a public health advisory against all social or recreational gatherings of ten or more people and urging those who can work remotely to do so.

David Mohabir

While this order leaves many out and does not yet address the majority of the population, it will be particularly crucial in Tamarac, where 37.8 percent — or one-third of the population is 65 years or older are being asked to stay home.

One Tamarac resident is more than happy to do her part.

I really feel this is not a big deal for me [being over 70] — considering everything that is going on,” said Woodlands resident, Cecilia Kleinrichert. “We should all be grateful to live where we do.” 

Kleinrichert said she still gets to walk every morning and enjoy the fresh air, while social distancing.

“Yes, we might all get a little bored– but think of the people we can help, including ourselves, if we just stay home and make the best of the situation,” she said.

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