Discover the Mystery of Faith: Join the Multi-Sensory SCAPE Church Service in Coral Springs

By Sharon Aron Baron

If you’re looking for a unique and soul-stirring worship experience in Coral Springs, SCAPE church service may be just what you need.

Held every Sunday night from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at St. Mary Magdalene and St. Martin Episcopal Church on Riverside Drive, this multi-sensory worship service invites attendees to explore the mystery of faith and the depths of the soul.

SCAPE is rooted in the Anglican tradition of the Episcopal Church, which has a long history of using liturgy to engage both the mind and heart in worship. However, this service is anything but traditional. Instead, it is highly creative and designed to be multi-sensory, incorporating music, art, and interactive elements to engage attendees in a deeper exploration of their faith.

What sets SCAPE apart from other worship services is its focus on mystery. Instead of trying to provide easy answers or solutions, SCAPE invites attendees to embrace the unknown and explore the questions and mysteries of faith together.

This creates a safe and welcoming space where people can come as they are and engage with their faith in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to them.

One of the things that makes SCAPE so special is its emphasis on allowing attendees to simply be. There is no pressure to perform or to have all the answers. Instead, everyone is encouraged to listen, experience, notice, question, and ponder what faith means for them personally and collectively. This creates a sense of community and belonging that can be hard to find in other settings.

At SCAPE, attendees can expect a worship service that incorporates a variety of elements, from music and prayer to visual art and meditation.

The service follows the rhythm of prayer and song that is common in Anglican liturgy, but there is plenty of room for creativity and exploration. This means that no two services are exactly alike, and attendees can expect to be surprised and inspired each week.

If you’re curious about SCAPE and would like to experience this unique worship service for yourself, there is no cost to attend. All are welcome, regardless of their background or beliefs. Whether you’re looking for a deeper connection with your faith or simply a place to explore the mysteries of life, SCAPE offers a safe and welcoming space to do just that.

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