Former Tamarac Interim City Attorney Hans Ottinot Billed City $195,000 For Three Months Of Work

Former Tamarac Interim City Attorney Hans Ottinot Billed City $195,000 For Three Months Of Work


By Tom Lauder

Former “interim” city attorney Hans Ottinot billed Tamarac taxpayers $195,000.55 for three months of legal work.

REDBROWARD obtained the invoices Ottinot submitted for legal work in January, February, and March. Even though he was a favorite of Commissioners Elberg Mike Gelin and Marlon Bolton, the city commission removed Ottinot from the position two weeks ago. Invoices were not yet available for April and May.

Invoices for January show Ottinot billed $3,564 for work related to the Woodmont hotel project. A January invoice for general legal matters totaled $50,210 from taxpayers.

The February invoice for Woodmont issues was $10,486.05 and $57,925 for general matters.

In March, Ottinot’s invoice for Woodmont was $12,262.50 and $60,553 for general matters.

For three months of legal work, Tamarac taxpayers owe $195,000.55 to the lawyer personally recommended by Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

How did Ottinot rack up so many billable hours?

Invoices show Ottinot constantly answered questions, reviewing agenda items, and taking phone calls at the request of Commissioners Gelin and Bolton.

On January 11, Ottinot spent 2.5 hours discussing “transition” issues with Marlon Bolton.

On January 12, Ottinot spent four hours discussing Roberts Rules of Order and rules and procedures with Bolton.

Ottinot spent 2.8 hours researching reimbursement of expenses by city officials.

Ottinot spent multiple hours researching and drafting documents regarding the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Status of Women committee.

On April 18, Ottinot spent nearly eight hours dealing with travel policy matters and procedures regarding public records requests.

Ottinot billed taxpayers when asked by Gelin to review an email from former Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman.

Ottinot even billed Tamarac taxpayers to draft a resolution about Jamaican political activist Marcus Garvey.

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