Local Resident Publicly Exposes Stupid South Florida Drivers

By: Sharon Aron Baron

If you aren’t paying attention on the roadways or speeding through a neighborhood, then you better watch out, because your actions may be recorded and published for the world to see.

This local driver, who wishes not to be identified, created a YouTube Channel called Stupid South Florida Drivers.  He‘s the newest type of vigilante who packs a video cam catching near misses, speeders, and other obstacles that he encounters on his daily drives.

He writes on his YouTube channel that “South Florida drivers are some of the absolute worst in the country. I’m petty as fuck and I have no patience. Everyone around me is an idiot. Drive like an asshole? Get your license plate number put on YouTube so everyone can see how shitty you are at driving.”

While his driving videos are no where as dramatic as many are accustomed to seeing online, and no crashes have been captured, the mundane task of driving in our own neighborhood and encountering careless drivers is a daily occurrence all of us face.

David Mohabir

Here are a few of some of his videos:

In this video, he identifies a lady’s license plate number and says she was speeding from NW 67 Street and Hiatus Road from City Furniture through the median without stopping almost causing a wreck.  “She wasn’t even looking right, just straight ahead.”

In this video, he almost gets hit by a driver who pulls around a line of cars in a turning lane to make a unsafe left turn in front of him.

Here’s an example of road rage in Sunrise FL.  The filmmaker merged into the left lane to get around a slower car, and was doing 60 mph in a 55 mph zone. Then a man in a red jeep came up behind him doing around 70-80 mph and proceeded to ride his bumper all the way to a stop light which at that time he honks at him because he didn’t pull up far enough because he wanted to turn.   He accused him of blocking traffic while while he was merely sitting at a stop light with cars in front of him.

“When he says I didn’t yield to traffic I have no idea what he’s talking about, there is no yield sign anywhere in the area. I simply merged into a lane driving the speed limit while he was going about 15-20 over about a mile behind me. Of course he had to catch up, tailgate me and then make a big deal about it. This guy is the typical south Florida LOSER that hates his life. So we settled our differences little bitchy little men in their cars.”

Cars aren’t the only culprits.  Here he shows a bicyclist going through a red light at Sheridan Street and 184 Avenue in Pembroke Pines. “Bikers have the same rights as cars do right? So follow the law like cars do,” he writes.

On this footage, an undercover Sunrise, Florida Police Officer seems to be abusing his privileges by turning on his siren and lights just to run a red light.  When he catches up to him a few minutes later, the lights are off.

This pedestrian waited until the crossing light to turn red before she darted out into traffic.  “This lady was either drunk or just stupid… She’s lucky she didn’t get run over. Absolute moron,” he writes.

This driver keeps tapping on his brake light at a stop light on Commercial Boulevard. “Not sure what this guy was doing but he either has a foot or a brake problem. Also, your left tail light is broken,” he writes.

This Porsche rolls through a stop sign and stops dead in the middle of a lane in Sunrise, Florida getting a round of applause from the filmmaker.

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