Naked Man’s Distress Causes Tamarac Elementary Lockdown

Naked Man's Distress Causes Tamarac Elementary Lockdown 1

Rayshawn Childs {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

Recent revelations shed light on an elementary school lockdown, as a Broward County Sheriff’s report reveals there was a distressed man found on campus, which led to the heightened alarm and police intervention.

A Broward County Sheriff’s Office report of the incident sheds light, and witness accounts have provided a better understanding of the situation that unfolded on the morning of August 3 at Tamarac Elementary School, where at the time, law enforcement responded to reports of a male subject possibly shot on school grounds.

Records now show the man has been identified as Rayshawn Childs, 36, of Fort Lauderdale, and that frantic 911 calls to law enforcement began after school employees found him naked and crying for help, claiming he had been shot.

Witnesses told law enforcement Childs was seen panicking, screaming about being shot in his right leg, and claiming to be pursued by someone. The witnesses’ statements were supported by video footage recorded by one of them, which clearly showed Childs in a precarious state of mind. 

Upon arrival, deputies found Childs lying naked on the ground in obvious distress but without apparent gunshot wounds, as he claimed to have suffered. 

During questioning, Childs admitted to consuming “Molly,” a street term to describe what’s commonly known as Ecstasy, the previous night, likely contributing to his mental state. Following a medical examination, deputies ruled out the presence of a gunshot wound and moved on to consider the episode a mental health-drug-fueled incident. 

Due to his erratic behavior and the potential threat he posed to himself and others, Childs was detained and transported to Woodmont Hospital under the Baker Act for involuntary mental health evaluation and treatment.

While taking Childs into custody, BSO notes in the report his criminal record was discovered to be extensive, including charges such as Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon, Robbery, Battery, Criminal Mischief, and various drug-related offenses.

Childs remained at Woodmont Hospital under the Baker Act and was transported to the Broward County Main Jail upon release to face charges related to his trespassing on school grounds.

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