Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation Attorney Serves Tamarac Residents

Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Attorney Serves Tamarac Residents 1

Attorneys Adam Baron and Jason Weisenberg.

By: Chris Brunner

The Law Offices of Adam Baron has opened its newest location at University Plaza, now serving their clients in Tamarac.

Based in North Miami Beach, Baron has been helping injured workers get their worker’s compensation benefits for over 25 years. With long-time associate, attorney Jason Weisenberg, the duo routinely spar with insurance companies in getting them to pay injured workers  as well as providing them with the medical care they deserve. 

“It’s always a struggle because the insurance company will look for any excuse to not pay an injured worker,” said Baron.  “But we are very aggressive with our cases.”

Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Attorney Serves Tamarac Residents 2

University Plaza.

According to Baron, their office routinely makes the insurance adjusters appear before them, for deposition, where they will ask them the “tough questions” – while they are on the record. 

“Many times, the insurance companies just wind up offering money to settle once they realize they are going to be deposed,” said Baron.

Sometimes a case will need to go all the way to Judge of Compensation Claims who has the power to order an insurance company to pay lost wages or to authorize specialized care for the injured worker.  Baron and Weisenberg will take a case as far as it needs to go to get their clients the benefits they are entitled to. The firm also handles personal injury cases as well.

The expansion into this area was a no-brainer for Baron:

“As a former resident of Tamarac for nine years, our second office was formerly off of Commercial Boulevard. Moving to this location is central to clients not only in Tamarac, but to those in Coral Springs and Margate.”

You can reach the Law Offices of Adam Baron at 954-247-4878.  Located at 3111 N. University Drive Suite 429 Coral Springs FL. 

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