Ralph is a Young English Bulldog Abandoned by His Owner

Ralph is a Young English Bulldog Abandoned by His Owner.


By Claire Cornish

Ralph is not one of the world’s natural athletes; in fact, he is the kid who loves sports but is always destined to be picked last, and his perfect position in any game would probably be a benchwarmer.

What he lacks in agility and skill he makes up for in youthful enthusiasm, and his joyfulness about life, in general, is sure to win your heart.

Ralph is a year-old English Bulldog who was taken to the shelter after being abandoned.

Although someone did promise to come to the shelter to take him home, they never actually came, and so poor Ralph is now looking for a proper forever home, where he can be his lazy self without judgment or fear that he will be given up again.

Like most bulldogs, Ralph does have bursts of puppy energy, but they usually only last for thirty seconds, and afterward, he will sit on the floor at your feet or pull himself up onto the couch next to you for a nap and a quick snuggle.

This is an amazing young bulldog, and he deserves an amazing home. Will it be you? Ralph is available for foster or adoption through Popo Rescue, and you can make an appointment to meet him by emailing laurennicholeturner@icloud.com.

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Claire Cornish
Claire Cornish
Claire Cornish is a freelance writer, half marathon runner, and volunteer at Broward County Animal Care & Adoption. She is the proud mom of Callie the Labrador and a proud sister of Simon the Labrador mix.
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