Representative Dan Daley Tests Positive for COVID-19

Dan Daley

State Rep. Dan Daley

By: Jen Russon

State Rep. Dan Daley, D-Coral Springs, tested positive for COVID-19, following a rapid test on Monday.

Resting at home with mild symptoms, he said he had canceled plans to attend legislative meetings next week in Tallahassee.

While he is optimistic his was an isolated case; Rep. Daley said he wants to share his diagnosis widely in case of any exposure during committee meeting week at the State Capitol. 

“My symptoms are moderate and manageable so far, and hopefully will stay that way. I plan to do everything I can to rest and recover as soon as possible,” said Rep. Daley.

He added he began experiencing symptoms, a headache, body aches, and cough, over the weekend. 

“Obviously, I’m frustrated. I’ve been so careful for more than a year now. Throughout this pandemic, I have been dedicated to regular testing,” said Rep. Daley.

A Democratic State Representative for the 97th district, Rep. Daley, said he has been reaching out to constituents and peers with whom he and his team met with in the last several days.

“We know that this virus is highly contagious, and even with COVID protocols in place, we are recommending testing for anybody who may have been even slightly exposed,” he said. 

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