Resident Pleads with City Attorney to Act on Bolton’s Alleged Corruption

Marlon Bolton

By Agrippina Fadel

A Tamarac resident asks city attorney John Herin to “do something about the corruption” on the commission.

In his public letter to Herin, resident Ron Wilson accuses commissioner Marlon Bolton of “stealing gift cards from the city” and “pressuring business to donate money” for his initiatives.

Wilson refers to the recent scandal involving Tamarac’s Parks and Recreation Foundation, known as PAROT. The nonprofit created to help fund the equipment and services for city parks was pressured by Bolton to help pay for turkeys during the commissioner’s personal Turkey Drive in November.

Red Broward later reported that Bolton’s Turkey gift cards showed up at a private food drive – in Plantation.

In his letter to Herin, Wilson calls Bolton “a criminal,” adding that people like him “don’t change once they become politicians.”

“It is the responsibility of those in their charge to ensure they do not continue their malfeasance,” said the resident, pleading with the attorney to take a stand against this “egregious behavior.”

Wilson alleged that Bolton takes the gift cards from the city-sponsored events, pockets them, and parcels them out to friends and family who use them for private purposes.

“Someone needs to do something about the corruption in Tamarac that starts with Bolton and spreads to other cities in Broward,” he said. “People are watching. Enough is enough!”

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Agrippina Fadel
Agrippina Fadel
Agrippina Fadel grew up in Siberia and received her master's in journalism from Tyumen State University. Agrippina is also a writer and editor at She has been a US resident for over ten years and speaks English and Russian.
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