Here’s Who’s Running for Office in Tamarac in 2022

Here's Who's Running for Office in Tamarac in 2022

By Agrippina Fadel

Three seats representing four-year terms are up for reelection, and residents have until June to decide if they’d like to add their names.

Current Mayor Michelle Gomez kicked off her reelection campaign in January and is, so far, running unopposed.

In District 2, Commissioner Mike Gelin has a challenger. Tyneka Monet Rene is a Woodlands resident, small business owner, and veteran who will be interviewed by Tamarac Talk next week.

No contenders have opened campaign accounts for the District 4 seat at press time, nor has commissioner Debra Placko announced if she will be running for a third term.

There is still time for residents to decide, as the qualifying period opens at noon on Monday, June 13, and closes at noon on Friday, June 17.

According to the city’s public information office, the annual salary of Tamarac’s mayor is $62,356, while city commissioners earn $51,747. Additional benefits include $15,000 a year in local travel expense allowance, $700 a month car allowance, defined pension plan, health, dental, life insurance, and a part-time assistant.

 Who's Running for Office in Tamarac in 2022? Here's What We know

Commission Districts. The mayor’s seat is at-large.

The city of Tamarac is divided into four commission districts, with one commissioner residing and representing each district. The mayor is elected on an at-large (citywide) basis.

Residents are encouraged to register to vote or check their voter status before the election. The deadline to register as a first-time voter is 29 days (October 11, 2022) before the election date. To register or check voter registration status, visit

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