Sun Sentinel Website Goes Black on Black Friday


Sun-sentinel-downBy: Sharon Aron Baron

Readers couldn’t access the Sun Sentinel website this morning due to it being down, but unlike the Obamacare website they poke fun at, this was for something less complex and much less expensive to fix: The nonpayment of a bill for as little as $10.

Data Analyst and IT Consultant Andrew Ladanowski noticed the Sun Sentinel website was down around 10:30 a.m. “I was looking for story linked from Facebook and instead of getting the Sun Sentinel, I was sent to Godaddy’s website saying the page had been parked. I knew instantly someone must have forgotten to pay the bill because this happened to a client of mine about five years ago.”

The Sun Sentinel, owned by the Chicago-based Tribune Company set up a paywall in 2012 in which a reader must subscribe to their paper to read articles online. It isn’t known how long the website may have been down on Friday.

“It could have gone down after midnight but no one will answer my questions from the Sun Sentinel. I emailed them and asked them on Facebook but haven’t received a reply, however, it appears that today is the renewal for their Godaddy account, so it seems likely that they went down all morning just because they overlooked paying a $10 bill.” – Andrew Ladanowski


sun-sentinelgodaddyLadanowski said that if they shifted servers they would have more than likely kept both servers on for a couple days to make sure there were no outages. “That’s why I believe that someone didn’t pay the bill. “

Eric Reivik owner of Andertech Data Voice and Network Management was going about his morning routine which included checking the news on the Sun Sentinel website around 5:30 this morning.

“I was redirected to the Godaddy domain renewal page and after I stopped laughing, I thought to myself, how can a company like this let a domain expire? I was in disbelief.”

Reivik said Godaddy sends notices six months out. “They call, they write, so either it was being ignored or it was going to an email address that no longer existed or was monitored.”



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