Residents’ Input on Traffic and Transportation Needed for MAP Broward Survey

By Agrippina Fadel

Florida’s seasonal traffic and congested rush-hour highways can ruin the day and sour the mood of the most resilient locals and visitors.

MAP Broward, a 30-year Mobility Advancement Program that opened in 2019, is working to find innovative solutions for transportation and traffic problems and is asking Tamarac residents for their input.

The survey aims to check the general knowledge about the program and gather opinions about top transportation issues in the county, including public transport, safety on the roads, condition of the highways and bridges, and availability of bike routes.


With a dozen or so questions, the survey only takes five minutes to fill out and allows the residents to share their information if they want to continue to help the program.

The survey allows Broward residents to provide local mobility and transportation stakeholders feedback on awareness, usage, and satisfaction with local transit options.

MAP Broward s funded by the Penny for Transportation Surtax and plans to invest $16B over 30 years into local infrastructure. The program is overseen by an unpaid board of volunteer professionals and supported by specialized county staff.

The goals of MAP Broward include creating a “smart” grid for local infrastructure and traffic signals, funding existing municipal community shuttles and newly expanded services, and managing traffic systems. The program will create 30,000 new jobs in the following decades and support small businesses by keeping at least 30% of the revenues in local communities.

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Agrippina Fadel
Agrippina Fadel
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