Tamarac Couple Receives Tamarac’s Beautification Recognition Award

Tamarac Couple Receives Tamarac's Beautification Recognition Award 1Tamarac Couple Receives Tamarac's Beautification Recognition Award 2Tamarac Couple Receives Tamarac's Beautification Recognition Award 3Tamarac Couple Receives Tamarac's Beautification Recognition Award 4Tamarac Couple Receives Tamarac's Beautification Recognition Award 5

By Selene Raj

David and Aaron Currie, a Tamarac couple who have spent years perfecting their yard, will be recognized by the city with a Beautification Recognition Award.

David, a senior Forensic Detective with the Broward Sheriff’s Office, has worked for BSO since 1992 and has lived in Tamarac since 1998. Once living in the Mainlands Section 7, the 900-home community of the Woodlands in 2006.

After purchasing the 3,100 square foot home built in 1975, he decided to completely gut and renovate it, which took years to complete.

Taking care of his home turned into a passion that outlasted any one project but continued as the years went on—and luckily, his husband shares that passion.

Aaron, a former Marine and a stylist for 18 years, works at an upscale salon in Palm Beach Gardens, loves Tamarac, as well, especially because of the proximity to the Turnpike.

The two advocates within the LGBTQ+ community have been together for seven years and married for more than five and a half years.

“We were one of the first couples in the state to be married when it [same-sex marriage] was legalized in Florida,” David said.

In Tamarac, David said, the location is ideal for them—just far enough away from downtown, but not too far. And in their home specifically, they love the spaciousness, the 800 square foot living room, and their great view of the pool and the golf course.

Before receiving a letter from the city, the couple had worked regularly on their home and yard.

“We both share the same passion for our home and landscape, and we are very much homebodies,” said David.

They spend plenty of time in the yard, doing projects around the house, and he said that Aaron is a wizard with the hedge trimmers—always making sure they are perfectly groomed.

David said they definitely share the credit, saying that he had completely relandscaped about 60 percent of the yard when he and Aaron met, but that it was transformed after.

“His vision has definitely made it what it is today,” he said, “That vision continues to evolve every single day as refinements are made.”

Tamarac Couple

Aaron and David Currie of the Woodlands in Tamarac.

On October 22, the city sent them a letter, thanking them for making a significant contribution to enhancing the visual image of their neighborhood and having one of the most attractive and well-maintained properties in Tamarac.

“The commitment you’ve shown to maintaining your property at a high level reflects well not only on you but on the entire community,” said the letter signed by Tamarac City Manager Michael Cernach.

The letter came as a huge but welcome surprise to the couple.

“We were truly honored, and I can tell you that the acknowledgment definitely brought a tear to Aaron’s eye,” said David.

They will receive the City of Tamarac’s Beautification Recognition Award at the city commission meeting, which begins at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 10, at Tamarac City Hall. Watch it live here.

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