Tamarac Crime Update: Latest Incidents Through October 7

Tamarac Crime Update: Latest Incidents Through October 7 1

By: Jill Fox

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes that occurred in Tamarac through October 7.  Names of those not arrested have been redacted.

Auto Theft

8233 NW 88th Ave
On October 3, the victim reported his Honda Accord was stolen and crashed. Three juvenile suspects bailed out of the vehicle and two males were placed into custody. One was being charged accordingly.


4121 W Commercial Blvd – Publix Super Market at Sunshine Plaza
On October 1, a 65-year-old male bus driver was battered by an unknown female.

7425 North University Drive – The Center for Behavioral Health
On October 3, the victim reported another patient hit him in the back of the head and grabbed the front of his shirt, and he didn’t feel safe. Then, on another occasion while eating, the victim claimed the same female spit grits in his face.

7050 North University Drive – Aldi
On October 3, an Aldi employee reported that another male unexpectedly grabbed him by the throat.

Burglary Conveyance


7650 West Mcnab Road – Concord Apartments
On October 1, via video surveillance, two unknown subjects were observed walking through the parking lot, in which one subject used a punch center tool to gain access into two vehicles. The victims were not on the scene. The surveillance video was uploaded into evidence.

6003 Royal Poinciana Lane – The Woodlands
On October 4, when the victim entered his vehicle in the morning, he noticed the inside was completely ransacked. The crime scene was processed, and no items of value were taken.

6100 block of Orchard Tree Lane – The Woodlands
On October 4, the victim reported his vehicle was broken into overnight and his wallet was stolen.

9901 NW 77th Street – Tamarac Sports Complex Park
On October 4, the victim reported her vehicle was burglarized. The value of all items taken was estimated at $108.00.

10003 Southgate Blvd – Tephford Park
On October 5, the victim reported his vehicle had its passenger front window smashed in and his wallet was taken from the center console. No witnesses were in the area and two latent prints were obtained from the passenger door and placed into evidence.

3873 West Commercial Blvd – Extended Stay Hotel
On October 5, the victim reported the driver side rear window of his Toyota was smashed and a box containing a Playstation 4 Pro and a controller were stolen.

Criminal Mischief

5308 NW 22nd Ave – American Linen Services.
On October 2, the victim stated his supervisor damaged his vehicle after he told him that he was not going to work for him anymore. The subject dented the trunk and right passenger door of the victim’s Toyota. The suspect was gone upon the deputy’s arrival.


5701 Madison Avenue – Hampton Inn & Suites
On October 7, the hotel manager reported he wanted the guest to pay for her stay in order to retrieve her belongings because of suspected fraudulent account activity.


3803 West Commercial Blvd – Coin Laundry
On October 5, the victim reported an unknown suspect struck her with an open hand, on the side of her right arm after a verbal altercation. The suspect then snatched the victim’s cellphone from her hand, and threw it on the ground, before fleeing on foot westbound on West Commercial Blvd. A cellphone video was collected.

Theft – all other

5000 block of NW 31st Ave
On October 1, the victim reported she had picked up a stranger on the side of the road to drive her to a church. The stranger stole the victim’s wallet, which the victim had left on the passenger seat.

8301 West Commercial Blvd – Comfort Suites
On October 7, the victim reported she left her purse on a chair unattended in the breakfast dining area. When the purse was returned to the victim, she stated about $700 was missing. The dining area does have a surveillance camera, in which the general manager (who was not there) is the only person with access.

Theft – retail, shoplifting

6900 N University Drive – CVS
On October 3, two males entered the CVS and stole $663.85 worth of health/beauty aides/laundry detergent.

3914 West Commercial Blvd – Walgreens
On October 3, four females entered the store and stole 32 bottles of body wash ($239.68). Video surveillance was collected.

4193 West Commercial Blvd – Rainbow Shops
On October 3, two females entered the store and stole several clothing items. The reporting person could not advise the amount or the total value of the items stolen.

4121 West Commercial Blvd – Publix
On October 3, a female was detained by Publix Loss Prevention in reference to a theft.

Theft – motor vehicle/ parts

5510 NW 31st Ave – Prospect Park Apartments
On October 3, the deputy met with the victim who reported his black motorcycle was stolen from the parking lot of his apartment complex. The vehicle was not towed or repossessed. An Auto Theft Affidavit was signed.


4400 block of Treehouse Lane – Treehouse Lane Apartments
On October 4, the victim arrived at her vacant apartment and noticed two homeless males inside. Upon contact with both males, it was determined they entered the residence via an unlocked front door and utilized the residence for basic human needs.

Weapons Violations


5001 North State Road 7
On October 1, there was a report of a male possibly carrying a concealed firearm. When deputies arrived, he hid the handgun by the bus stop, but it was subsequently located. The subject is a convicted felon that was in possession of a firearm that had been concealed on him.


7595 NW 61st Street – Bridge Prep Academy
On October 2, a 13-year-old female eighth-grade student threatened to kill her 14-year-old male classmate, and then shoot up her class, because she thought they were making fun of her. BSO Threat Management responded and arrested the female in the course of the investigation.

5803 NW 94th Ave – Millennium Middle
On October 7, police received a call from a school board member who was informed by the principal of a possible school threat. Various threats were made via a messenger group chat that were directed at school students stating to shoot up the school and that it would possibly occur on Monday.

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