Broken Woodlands Country Club Fountain Being Refurbished by City

fountain woodlands

Photo by Sharon Aron Baron

By Selene Raj

Residents of the Woodlands have likely noticed that the fountain at the entrance of their neighborhood has been out of commission since November—but they can expect that to change soon, as the City of Tamarac is in the process of hiring someone to fix it.

According to City Spokesperson Sue Zeiler, a car accident in late October further contributed to existing damage in the fountain.

Since the fountain is on city property, as opposed to the homeowner association’s, it fell on them to make any repairs and improvements. She said the city is obtaining quotes for a major refurbishing of the fountain.

“The project will include resealing the pool portion of the fountain, which was not originally anticipated, and repairs to some minor damage incurred when a car drove into in late October,” said Zeiler.

In a neighborhood group on Facebook, residents commented it hasn’t worked since November, and since then, no one with the city hasn’t made any public announcements regarding the matter.

Once the project is awarded to a contractor, the city expects the work to be completed as expeditiously as possible.

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