Broward Activists Gather for a “Tax Day Rally” in Sunrise

Broward Activists Gather for a "Tax Day Rally" in Sunrise 1

Three Stooges Tax Day Rally in Sunrise - More photos below

Activists across Broward County met on the corner of University and Sunrise Boulevard for a “Three Stooges Tax Day Rally”.  However, the stooges they were protesting had nothing to do with the current movie out in theaters.  The stooges these teachers, parents, activists, labor groups, and concerned middle class Floridians were protesting about were: Rick Scott, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio.

Broward Activists Gather for a "Tax Day Rally" in Sunrise 2

Protesters at the "Three Stooges Tax Day" Rally in Sunrise FL

Organizations such as Florida Watch Action, Awake Broward, Broward AFL-CIO and Organize Now, let the afternoon commuters know how they feel about these three men and by coming out and holding them accountable for their extremist agendas.

Sean Phillippi and Amy Ritter both created the theme of the rally.  They knew they wanted to have something on tax day and thought it would be fitting to make it a Three Stooges Event.

Ritter, who is the Director of Research for Florida Watch Action, a statewide watchdog nonprofit organization, said that while Floridians struggle to turn in their taxes on time and pay their fair share, “These three stooges, Pink Slip Rick, Pink Slip Mitt, and Wrong Way Rubio, continue to be out-of-touch cheats who have proven time and time again that they are beholden to corporations and wealthy CEOs and not the middle class.”

Between Rick Scott’s false promise of $1 billion for public schools when he cut $1.3 billion from public education funding last year, to Mitt Romney obviously hiding something by not filing his taxes on time, to Marco Rubio’s betrayal of his own Hispanic community by not supporting the DREAM Act, these three stooges are clearly nothing to laugh about. It is important now more than ever that we hold them accountable for their disloyalty to the American people. – Amy Ritter of Florida Watch Action, Inc

Sean Phillippi, Facilitator of Awake Broward  and Lighthouse Point resident said , “It was abundantly clear today that the middle class will not fall for Pink Slip Rick Scott’s $1 billion trick when it comes to public education. The middle class showed up in force today, and they will continue to hold these job-killing, out of touch, anti-middle class crooks, cheaters, and traitors accountable.”

Coral Springs resident and FAU Student Stephanie Rosendorf thought the turnout was great.  “I’m hoping to be involved in more rallies in the future.”




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