Resident Launches Direct-To-Consumer CBD and THC Brand 

Parkland Resident Pioneers an Education-First Approach to CBD and THC Products

Charles Smith, owner of Saha Self-care.

By Ryan Yousefi

Charles Smith has long believed in the benefits of cannabinoid products such as CBD.

In 2021, he launched Saha Self-care, an online direct-to-consumer company focused on leading with an education-first approach to selling CBD or Cannabidiol products.

Since its launch, Smith says Saha Self-care has offered various CBD products such as gummies, soft gels, and topicals to help everyday people cope with stress, poor sleep, and achy joints.

“We offer CBD and CBD+THC products in soft gels, gummies, and topicals,” Smith said. “Our customers love the products because they’re natural, come with Certificates of Analysis, and are very competitive for the quality, price-wise.”

As much hype as there has been around the emergence of CBD products in the last five years, so has come the inevitable skepticism of a new product associated with a plant with what can be best summed up as a history of bad PR.

To combat that fact, Smith says Saha has done everything possible to ensure customers feel confident their products are well-tested and safe to use by providing a Certificate of Analysis for every product, which Charles hopes will give current and potential customers alike peace of mind everything that the CBD they are purchasing and consuming is of the best quality and has been thoroughly tested and reviewed.

Acknowledging that one of the core challenges in the CBD sector is addressing widespread misconceptions, Smith confronts the different narratives head-on, disproving and explaining a few aspects of CBD treatment that many get wrong.

“The most common misconceptions are that it works instantly, can ‘cure’ several ailments, and that CBD gets you high,” Smith says.

“Those are the most common questions and concerns we address with prospective customers. The first thing we recommend is that everyone talk to their doctor or a medical professional before using CBD so that they can make an informed, educated decision and not simply base it on a business trying to sell them something.”

Saha has gone as far as to create an in-depth blog (currently being updated for 2023) that comprehensively answers CBD and THC questions and concerns in the name of education and transparency. In addition to providing lab results, the company says its customer service team is always ready to provide accurate and honest information.

Parkland Resident Pioneers an Education-First Approach to CBD and THC Products

Products from Saha Self-care.

Now doing his own thing, Smith says his journey into the CBD industry was deeply rooted in his extensive experience in digital marketing and e-commerce, most notably as the head of digital and e-commerce at the largest retail-based CBD company in the United States before its acquisition.

He says he realized there was room for improvement in the industry, particularly regarding customer education and product innovation. He says his commitment to the cause is personal.


“I use our products as does my mother and many family friends,” Smith said. “I could never sell something I wouldn’t use or give to my loved ones.”

Smith says his goal is to make Saha one of the most trusted brands in the cannabinoid self-care industry, and he strongly believes trust and transparency are paramount in making that happen.

“I think, for a product like CBD, if you gain the customer’s trust and confidence, then the business goals will take care of themselves,” Smith says. “Right now, there’s a lot of companies that jumped into this space because there was money to made, and there’s no shortage of really great branded products. But in this space, you have to look beyond the branding and really question who’s behind the companies and what their motivations are. How much are they investing in customer education? How much are they investing in product quality? The brands that can answer these questions convincingly are the ones that will have staying power.”

While Saha Self-care operates as a direct-to-consumer brand, with products exclusively available online at,

“My sister’s family moved here first for the excellent school system,” Smith said. “When the moment we visited, we loved it.”

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