Florida’s Biggest Automotive Accessory Company Moves to Tamarac

courtesy of Specialty Automotive Treatments Inc.

Rendering of the future Specialty Automotive Treatments building.

By Agrippina Fadel

The largest automotive accessory company in Florida is moving from Fort Lauderdale to Tamarac.

Specialty Automotive Treatments Inc. received the approval of the city commission on Jan. 12, allowing a minor vehicle service and repair facility.

The company will take over the former AMC Liquidator’s Building, a 30,000 square foot warehouse at 3705 West Commercial Boulevard.


Specialty Automotive Treatments Inc. President Ralph Jorge Jr. said the company plans significant renovations and improvements to the building and the surrounding area, including a new façade.

“The building hasn’t been occupied for a few years, it is unkempt, and the landscaping is out of control. There’s trash on the property and a current issue with homelessness in the area,” Jorge Jr. explained.

Rendering of the future Specialty Automotive Treatments building

Rendering of the future Specialty Automotive Treatments building.

The company is planning to fence in the area, create cohesive landscaping around the building, and as much as possible help the homeless individuals accustomed to the neighborhood in finding a more permanent solution.

Specialty Automotive Treatments Inc., founded in Miami in 1979 by the current president’s father, Rafael Jorge Senior, specializes in custom wraps, leather interiors, tinted windows, and installing entertainment systems.

The SAT Inc.’s current office on 700 West Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale has been its home for a while, but it no longer fits the company’s needs.

Jorge Jr, who has been leading the company since 2015, has always wanted operations run out of a single building.

“We are currently at two separate buildings and four parking lots, and the day-to-day operations can get a bit cumbersome. Trying to find the perfect building for us was nearly impossible, but I think we found it in Tamarac,” he said.

He added that the new facility would let the company have all 50 employees under one roof and make the operations more straightforward and efficient, improving employee and customer satisfaction.

Neighbors shouldn’t worry about loud cars and engine revving either. The company is not a performance or engine repair shop but specializes in aesthetic improvements and personalizing vehicles to make them more appealing to the owner — or the dealership selling the car.

According to Jorge, the company has a lot of clients in and around Tamarac and a few employees that live in the area, adding that the move will create new jobs for residents.

“We are currently seeking about ten new associates for different positions, from part-time drivers working three days a week to full-time installation and sales specialists,” said Jorge.

Florida’s Biggest Automotive Accessory Company Moves to Tamarac 1

Rendering of the future SAT Inc. building

Jorge said the move to Tamarac is the next big and exciting step for SAT Inc., and the company is looking forward to being a contributing member of the community.

“We are proud to carry on the business my dad started such a long time ago and support local families by providing employment and a place for people to showcase their talents,” he added.

Jorge said the company plans to move to the new location in two to three months and complete the renovation in six to eight months. “We are currently reviewing the final plans with the architect and still need to submit a site plan,” he added.

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