It’s Good To Be The King When You Are the Mayor of Tamarac

It's Good To Be The King When You Are the Mayor of Tamarac 1

By: Sharon Aron Baron

There are many benefits to being the mayor of Tamarac, and if you like being treated like nobility, get ready to throw your hat into the ring in 2018, because this may be the job for you.  

Job Duties

Hate to answer pesky emails from us lowly plebeians in your fiefdom?  When you are the mayor of Tamarac, say bye-bye to that. Now, it isn’t like this in every kingdom in the county, but being mayor here is special because you answer to no one, especially the voters.  Election is over!

Like to talk a lot?  Being the mayor gives you the stage to say what you want and the time to say it. Want to grandstand on a single subject for 30 minutes to make your point?  No problem, because, no one’s going to stop you, you’re the mayor and you always have the floor. Besides, there’s only a few people at meetings which are typically filled with city staff. It’s almost like hearing yourself speak!  The chance of a lifetime.

David Mohabir

What’s great about being the mayor is that when you hold your annual “State of the City” address, city staff will round-up all the Broward County Sheriff COP patrol volunteers by telling them they’re getting a special award that evening so the commission chambers are packed  This works every year and you will think they’re all coming to hear you. The best part is, the volunteers fall for it every year.  It’s a win-win situation!


The best part of being mayor? The VIP tent located near the stage at the Fourth of July event at the Sports Complex.  This special tent, which is only for the mayor, commission, city manager (if he comes down from Parkland) and staff, is off-limits to townsfolk and it’s exclusive to Tamarac!  The VIP tent has food and drinks all paid for by those in the kingdom, and you won’t have to leave and mingle with the working stiffs. If you’re the mayor, you are better than them!

Being mayor has other privileges: a salary, car allowance (which could buy a pretty expensive car) health insurance, expenses and retirement benefits.  Another little perk is VIP parking at all events. Yes, staff is instructed to save parking spots for the able-bodied commission members and mayor near the front of all events even though the city has many elderly that could use those spots. Don’t worry, you deserve those reserved spots because you are much more special.

Do you hate mixing with others at luncheons and dinners?  Then this job is for you.  The mayor always sits with his best friend, the city manager, and all the commissioners at events so they can talk amongst themselves. You do it to show you are a team player and team players always stick together and vote together.  It’s just easier for everyone not to make waves!

Want to Run for Mayor?

Does this sound like you or do you want to be a different type of mayor?  If you are interested in running in 2018, talk with the City Clerk about how you can be the next mayor of Tamarac. 

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron
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