Meet the Candidates Running for Tamarac City Commission District 2

Meet the Candidates Running for Tamarac City Commission District 2 1

Mike Gelin, Larry Goehrig and Bill Mei.

By: Jen Russon

After Mayor Harry Dressler announced he would not be seeking reelection, City Commissioner Michelle Gomez filed for the position leaving her District 2 seat wide open.

Three candidates have stepped up to run in the district that stretches east from the Woodlands Country Club to Plum Bay and Plum Harbor in the west:  Mike Gelin, Larry Goehrig, and Bill Mei.

Mike Gelin

Gelin was born in New York to Haitian parents and has lived in Broward County since the 1980s. The owner of Gelin Benefits Group, the 44-year-old candidate, ran for office before in 2014 against Dressler. Gelin did not win the seat; however, this did not deter him from trying this election year again.

If elected, Gelin said he would be open, honest, and transparent with his constituents.

“I will communicate with voters about proposed changes in the community and get feedback before making a decision.”

Residents may know Gelin from local 5K running events and his participation in Turkey Trot. He is also on the basketball league and competes in local track and field races.

Gelin, his wife, Shaheewa, and son have resided in Hampton Hills for over a decade and live close to the site where the planned midtown Tamarac project will soon be built. A graduate of Morris Brown College, Gelin studied abroad at the University of Ghana and the American Continental University in England.

In the past, Gelin has participated in the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization’s roundtable and Tamarac’s Insurance Advisory Board. He coaches youth basketball and is a member of the Tamarac North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. He is also a 2009 graduate of Tamarac University – an evening course given by the city to teach residents about the inner workings of the various departments.

“I plan to be visible, responsive, and accountable to voters,” said Gelin.

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Larry Goehrig

Goehrig, who has lived in District 2 for almost ten years, kicked off his campaign this summer at the Metro Diner on University Drive. A 2014 graduate of Tamarac University, Goehrig, who lives in Westwood 2, holds a master’s degree in business management from Nova Southeastern University. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in strategic management and finance. For the past five years, Goehrig has been on the city’s parks and recreation board.

We called and emailed Goehrig but have not heard back by press time.

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Bill Mei

Born and raised in Pompano Beach, Mei (pronounced “may”), has said his political campaign is focused on smart and efficient growth. Mei, who lives in Plum Harbor, believes Tamarac needs to attract businesses to existing shopping centers around the city. In his opinion, there is too much development and not enough green space.

“If I have the honor to be elected, I will ensure we have a transparent city commission that works in the best interests of its citizens. I will be a voice for residents of the Woodlands in regards to redevelopment, and I will ensure Tamarac Village brings in the type of businesses that will draw our community together and a destination for west Broward residents,” said Mei.

He added that he would continue to work with the Broward Sheriff’s Office and Tamarac Fire Department to ensure our city is safe and at the forefront of emergency preparedness.

Mei graduated in 1987 from Cardinal Gibbons High School and has a bachelor of arts degree from Florida Atlantic University. He served six years in the Navy and now works as a mortgage loan officer. He chairs the USS Robert E. Peary Reunion Committee and mentors veterans for Mission United of Broward. He has two daughters, one at Florida State University and the other in her junior year of high school.

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A vote for your choice of the best candidate can only strengthen local government. Vote-by-mail ballots will be sent on October 2. Election Day precincts will be open for voting on Tuesday, November 6.  The election will give Tamarac voters the chance to vote, not just for a District 2 commissioner, but for a new District 4 commissioner and mayor.