Soaring Eagles Academy in Tamarac Offers Loving, Christian Environment for Children

Soaring Eagles Academy in Tamarac Offers Loving, Christian Environment for Children 1

Soaring Eagles Academy in Tamarac.

By: Jen Russon

Last summer, a new community for parents and their children opened its doors in Tamarac. Called Soaring Eagles Academy, it was built to serve children of all ages by a loving staff who cares.

Located in Midway Plaza, one doesn’t need an eagle eye to find Soaring Eagles in the shopping complex on University Drive – you’ll see it as soon as you turn in. Serving children from three months to ten-years-old, the outside of the building is painted with colorful murals of children learning. Owned by David Mohabir, a RE/MAX realtor who operates another daycare in Broward County, Soaring Eagles Academy is his second one, and though fairly new, continues to grow with 86 children currently enrolled.

Soaring Eagles Academy in Tamarac Offers Loving, Christian Environment for Children 2

Classroom at Soaring Eagles Academy in Tamarac.

Daycare director Sita Mohabir, part of a staff of ten, said they are hoping to fill more teaching positions – not just to care for the children currently enrolled, but to help man the summer camp program being offered later this year.

“We make sure we treat our teachers well, so that they know how much we appreciate them,” Sita said, passing by bouquets of fresh flowers that her staff would be receiving for Valentine’s Day.

A smiling forty-something who worked for many years in the preschool industry, Sita said she loves her career of working with children of all ages and the aftercare program serves all the schools in Tamarac – even arranging after school pick-ups, Monday through Friday.

Soaring Eagles Academy in Tamarac Offers Loving, Christian Environment for Children 3

Playground area at Soaring Eagles Academy in Tamarac.

Soaring Eagles has its routines down pat. Every day at 11 o’clock. Sita snaps on gloves and, together with her assistant, Jaretsa Soto, prepares and delivers lunches to the several classrooms and nurseries that make up the large daycare center.

The bathrooms are immaculate. All the children enrolled at Soaring Eagles wear uniforms, available for purchase on the Academy’s website or at the school.

On one Thursday, the children are having a build-your-own taco day, with fresh, tropical fruit in the side. When Sita stops in with lunches for the toddlers, their teacher informs her that one of them will be eating what his mother brought instead. That would not have been necessary as Soaring Eagles includes breakfast, lunch and snacks in their tuition rate – but still nice to see picky palates are welcome here. 

“His mom brought mac and cheese and quesadillas,” the teacher said. Her classroom door is decorated with hearts and the hallways and other classrooms have a combined theme of Black History Month and President’s Day.

“We try to have a new [art] project every month,” Sita explained, adding that she is looking forward to doing something for Easter next. She points to some of the works in progress, with kids decorating pink and red shoe boxes, messages of love inscribed on top.   

Similar messages decorate the daycare. Stickers on the wall remind those who pass by to show gratitude and acknowledge their blessings. A mural of Noah’s Ark, plus a psalm or two mark the walls as well.

David Mohabir

Monday at Soaring Eagles Academy is chapel day, when students from the Christian Life Center come to the school for a 30 minute-interactive bible lesson.

“Our owner is a believer. He doesn’t try to force religion on you, but he does make it clear when he gives parents tours, we are a Christian daycare and have chapel once a week,” said Sita.

Some of the improvements to Soaring Eagles Academy will include one of the rooms being converted into a more formal chapel for the children to enjoy. Also, improvements are being planned for the growing daycare, a dedicated arts and crafts room and more playground equipment for the outdoor play area.

Soaring Eagles Academy in Tamarac Offers Loving, Christian Environment for Children 4

Soaring Eagles Academy at Midway Plaza in Tamarac.

Sita said the academy is hoping to implement a small computer lab as well, so that the children can begin using tablets. She believes it will make a nice supplement to what is already in place.

Soaring Eagles offers a free voluntary pre-kindergarten program (VPK) that uses the state-wide creative curriculum. The preschool is part of the Early Learning Coalition.     

Owner David Mohabir had the last word at press time on what makes his school special.

“I would say it’s our inclusiveness with parents and students to co-labor together to give each child the opportunity to get an early start and succeed in their future…as our slogan is, ‘our passion, their future.’”

Soaring Eagles Academy is located at 5835 N University Drive and serves children from 3 months – 10 years old in Tamarac, North Lauderdale, Lauderhill and surrounding cities.

To see rates during the school year, or learn more about the $100 per week summer camp, a campus tour is strongly encouraged. Interested parents may register online or call 954-721-7627. Tuition rates are broken down by the week and can be viewed on the Soaring Eagles website. The daycare’s hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.   


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