Wingstop Ordered Closed After Health Inspectors Find 22 Violations Including Live Insects and Cockroaches


By Ryan Yousefi

A Tamarac restaurant has been ordered closed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation after a health and food safety inspection discovered 22 violations.

Wingstop, located at 5720 North University Drive, was recently ordered shut on April 19 after an inspection discovered 22 violations, some of which were repeat violations from a previous inspection.

According to the report, the most concerning violations were the presence of live small flying insects in the kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area, and bar area. 

The report shows that approximately 5-10 live flies were observed on clean, sanitized containers stored on racks above the three-compartment sink in the kitchen area. Inspectors also found dead flies on both the reach-in cooler’s flip-top door and around in light shields. 

Also playing a large part in the immediate shutdown of the restaurant was the discovery of roach activity near the front counter on the floor. Dead insects, such as flies, were also found throughout the restaurant, including on top of paper towels stored at the cook line and inside the reach-in cooler. 

According to the report, another serious violation that was cause for concern was the discovery of an interior ice machine and bin near the kitchen area with an accumulation of black and green mold-like substances.

Wingstop was also cited for having objectionable odors in the kitchen area near the standing reach-in horizon cooler and fryers, floors under the fryers and reach-in coolers that were soiled with a heavy buildup of grease, food debris, old French fries, rotten chicken wing dirt, slime, or dust. 

The inspection report also noted violations, including the discovery of equipment that had a buildup of food debris and soil residue. 

David Mohabir

The inspection concluded by noting that the food manager or person in charge lacked knowledge of foodborne illnesses and symptoms of illness that would prevent an employee from working with food, clean equipment and utensils, and single-service items.

Wingstop was ordered closed until all issues have been adequately addressed and a follow-up inspection can be performed.

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