Supt Runcie Announces the End of Remote Learning Option in 2021-2022

Supt Runcie: ‘No Blended or Remote Learning Option’ in 2021-2022

By: Jen Russon

In an address to families whose children attend Broward County Schools, Superintendent Robert Runcie said a return to in-person learning would resume in the fall for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Citing the success of COVID-19 safety measures and the availability of vaccines to students and teachers, Runcie said the school board decided to return to 100 percent traditional, face-to-face instruction.

There will be no blended, remote, hybrid learning options. For students and families who desire a virtual option, our Broward virtual school has been available the last 20 years for this purpose,” said Runcie.

He added he would provide more information in the coming weeks and was excited to welcome everyone back, following what he described as a ‘challenging year’ of remote learning.

The first day of the 2021 school year begins Wednesday, August 18, with teacher planning scheduled to start one week before August 11.

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