Politics in Tamarac: Enter at Your Own Risk

Politics in Tamarac: Enter at Your Own Risk 1

By: Gerald Heller

As a novice in politics, I believe I have something important to contribute to my community, however, I had no idea that local politics could be as mean-spirited like it was the other day.

I was originally involved as the guy that successfully opposed and beat the Tamarac charter school debacle.  I gained a reputation and was convinced, albeit, with little enough encouragement, to run for city commissioner in district three, but I was a very late candidate, and the Kings Point Democratic Club had already picked their candidate, a person who stood by and said nothing when the community fought against the charter school being built in their backyard. They pulled every trick in the political book to see to it that their candidate would win.

As it turned out, I gained experience that I expected would put me in a good position to do what I intended: run for mayor of Tamarac and bring back a honest, forward-looking, city-building strong mayor in a weak mayor environment.

Run for President They Asked

I was approached by members of the Kings Point Democratic Club last month to run against the present club leadership to “get rid of the inept and problematic leadership”.  As a mayoral candidate promising to have Kings Point on the commission once again, I could not run for president, which would require devoting the time and energy to do the kind of job necessary to fix that I believed needed fixing. I said no, but I would work with another person as first vice-president if someone would run for president.

David Mohabir

In With the Old Guard

Come election time, the meeting was loaded with the old guard including Mayor Harry Dressler and his wife.  Generally, I do not see him at these meeting. He left early, however, his wife did stay until the end. They were at one of the opposing tables. 

I talked to Dressler about the night before at Tamarac University which I attend. That evening he made opening comments, mostly about the lack of appreciation for all the good efforts he does.  Tamarac University is definitely time well spent if you want to see how Tamarac is managed and the opportunities to contribute.

The Turncoats of Tamarac

Well, I was killed by all those turncoats that begged me to run. They actually created a “Beat Jerry Heller at any cost” campaign. The previous second vice president, changed his mind last minute and decided to run for first vice president” to oppose me – which is where I should have gracefully withdrawn after recognizing a set-up.  Instead, I took the beating again realizing Tamarac Politics is no place for the faint of heart.


Well, I am determined to do my best as mayor in the 2018 election, in spite of the “old guard” because there is a “new guard” of young and old, black, white and Hispanic, and men and women.  Tamarac residents that, like me, want to see Tamarac become the vibrant, diverse, city to be.

The city we can thrive, enjoy and be proud to live in.

Gerald Heller is a 2018 candidate for Mayor in the City of Tamarac. Read more about him here: Gerald Heller  Readers are invited to share their vision for the city on Tamarac Talk. 

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