Spread of COVID-19 Slowing in Broward Schools, Data Show

Broward School Board Defies Governor's Order: Masks Stay

By Kevin Deutsch

Broward County Public Schools have recorded 3,400 COVID-19 cases among students and staff as of Oct. 25, up 188 from the 3,212 recorded as of Oct. 16, data show.

Coronavirus infections have been confirmed for at least 2,757 students and 643 school employees, according to the school system’s COVID-19 dashboard.

The increase in Broward school cases is among the smallest since the Delta variant became the dominant COVID-19 strain in the U.S., and comes as coronavirus infection totals and positivity rates continue to fall across South Florida.

The school district’s data show self-reported coronavirus cases for school employees, as well as confirmed cases for students attending in-person instruction, since school began Aug. 18.

Only schools reporting at least one COVID-19 case are shown below. If cases increased since Oct. 16, the difference is included.


Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy reported 29 cases.

Discovery Elementary School reported 28 cases, up from 27.


Pinewood Elementary School reported five cases, up from four.

Tamarac Elementary School reported nine cases, up from seven.

Coral Springs schools

Coral Glades High School has reported 66 up from 62. J.P. Taravella High School reported nine cases, up from eight.

Coral Springs High School reported 47 cases, up from 45.

Coral Springs Middle School reported nine cases.

Forest Glen Middle School reported eight cases, up from seven.

Ramblewood Middle School reported 31 cases, up from 20.

Sawgrass Springs Middle School reported 22 cases.

Coral Springs Elementary School reported 18 cases, up from 15.

Parkside Elementary School reported six cases, up from five.

Riverside Elementary School reported 31 cases, up from 28.

Westchester Elementary School reported 18 cases.

Ramblewood Elementary School reported 24 cases.

Country Hills Elementary School reported nine cases, up from eight.

Coral Park Elementary School reported seven cases.

Park Springs Elementary School reported 33 cases, up from 29.

Forest Hills Elementary School reported 21 cases, up from 20.

Eagle Ridge Elementary School reported 13 cases, up from 12.

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